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Thinkers. Leaders. Innovators. 


Learn from leaders across industries embracing the Future of Work


Join the conversation!



Thinkers. Leaders. Innovators. 


Learn from leaders across industries embracing the Future of Work


Join the conversation!


Each year, we had an incredible line-up of speakers, but it is our interactive formats, un-conferences, and immersive workshops that make Responsive Conference unique.

Join your fellow attendees in facilitated un-conferences on the Future of Work, be guided through a stunning series of experiences that will model a civilization in the future, or enjoy talks and interviews with some of the brightest minds shaping the 21st century.


Niko Canner


Niko Canner founded Incandescent in 2013, building on nearly twenty years as an advisor to leaders of many of the world’s major companies. 

Niko was co-founder and Managing Partner of the consulting firm Katzenbach Partners and then Senior Partner at Booz & Company following the sale of Katzenbach to Booz in 2009. Most recently, Niko was a member of the Management Committee of Bridgewater Associates.

Niko began his consulting career at McKinsey & Company, where he was a founding member of the McKinsey Change Center. He subsequently co-founded Mitchell Madison Group’s Organization Practice. Niko is a founding investor and board member of Journelle, a lingerie retailer; a board member of Purpose; and a Director of Sevident, an early-stage company applying nanotechnology to the diagnostics industry.

Niko earned an A.B. in economics from Harvard College and completed graduate work in philosophy at Oxford University on a Marshall Scholarship. He serves on the Advisory Council of Acumen. He initiated and co-leads China 2024, a twenty-year longitudinal study of the development of business leaders in China, is a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader, and a is member of the US-Japan Leadership Program. He is the author of the On Human Enterprise blog. 

Niko lives in a loft in Chelsea with his wife Uyen and a few thousand books, all too many of them still unread. He’s a foodie and loves looking at art, but can’t draw or sing to save his life.


Aubrey Blanche


Aubrey Blanche is the Global Head of Diversity & Inclusion at Atlasssian.  She works with teams across the business to provide greater opportunities for everyone to join Atlassian and do the best work of their lives there. Her work spans the talent lifecycle from increasing access to technical education for underrepresented minorities through recruiting, retention, and advancement of all Atlassians. She relies heavily on empirical social science in her work, and has developed a new team-level paradigm for external diversity reporting. She believes that leading with empathy is the key to driving meaningful, sustainable change and creating highly effective teams.

In all areas of her work, she seeks to design effective interventions, programs, and talent practices that create equal opportunities for all Atlassians, and for the global tech industry. She is heavily involved in multiple industry groups seeking to define new standards for company transparency, reporting, and investment in diversity & inclusion. She is an advisor to SheStarts, a Sydney-based accelerator focused exclusively on supporting female founders, BeVisible, and Joonko. She is the co-founder of Sycamore, a community aiming to fix the VC funding gap for underrepresented founders.

Join us for Responsive Conference 2018, where Aubrey will lead an experience teaching some of the principles of diversity and inclusion that she implements at Atlassians.

Some Brands On Stage

We bring companies to stage that you might recognize.


Interactive Event

Responsive Conference is about interactive participation. Our goal is to  create experiences that represent the best of what the Responsive movement stands for— creative thinking to solve real-world organization challenges through meaningful collaboration.


How to Build a “Future of Work” Company - Roundtable


We are pleased to host an informal, intimate discussion among CEOs of future of work-focused startups and those who invest specifically in FOW companies. This session will be an experiment—a departure from traditional sit-and-learn plenaries or moderated panels, and, instead, a chance to learn, through deep listening, from leaders in the Responsive thought space.  

This is a rare opportunity to listen in on a free-flow, energetic dialogue among innovate thinkers with expertise in building, incubating, and leading future-focused companies. As the audience, we will observe  the outside and be privy to a kind of conversation usually held behind closed doors—a conversation we hope will generate actionable insights and new takeaway learning for us all. (Find out more about the Responsive philosophy on running great conferences and sessions.)


Last Year's Participants


Immersive Art Throughout


Kate Ladenheim, who produced Responsive Conference 2016, returns as a curator, and has crafted an interactive artistic experience which is embedded throughout the conference. These artists work in a space parallel to the Future of Work in an effort to bring equitable attention to contemporary issues. Each of these artists are committed to questioning the ways in which we choose to participate and engage, in our cities, workplaces, relationships, and culture. These exhibits and performances critique while balancing a great deal of care and generosity inside of this commentary. 

In the work of the artists invited to present at Responsive, conference participants can expect to see the ways experimentalism and risk can live alongside structure and networks. These performers embody this practice, literally and figuratively, and show us that, in a society plagued by separation and partisan appeals, being responsive provides many ways in which we can join together for a common cause.


PepsiCo Transformation Journey: A Reverse Workshop


PepsiCo has been through an incredible transformational journey in recent years that they shared on stage with August at last year’s Responsive Conference.

In 2017, key players most responsible for PepsiCo's change journey will be “opening the kimono”, vulnerably sharing what has worked—and what has not. And—they will be asking for your help...

The PepsiCo team choose two org designers from the audience to do a “reverse workshop”, break-down the specifics of the challenges presented and begin solving them real-time on stage. This was a workshop like no other!

Whether you’re observing or happen to be someone selected to participate actively, there will be unique learning opportunities at this year's Responsive Conference - bridging theory and practice with Fortune 50 companies.


Un-Conferences Throughout

Community-based events inherently capture many benefits of the “human economy” that Responsive companies aim for. They spark a kind of creativity less available in online meetings, encouraging innovations in how to approach the ever-increasing unpredictability of business: to rethink the role of purpose, networks, individual empowerment, organizational experimentation, and transparency in organizations.

Thus, we have embedded un-conferences throughout the 2nd Annual Responsive Conference, where attendees will be able to engage with one another on those themes most relevant to those in attendance.

Learn more about the un-conference format.


Previous Speakers Include